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Embark on a journey of automotive luxury with our exclusive detailing packages – the “Brilliant Shine” and the “Ultimate Auto Spa.” Immerse your vehicle in a double layer of Ceramic Coating, enhancing both protection and a glossy, regal finish. The royal treatment extends to the roof, where three layers of Ceramic Coating guarantee enduring elegance.

Every detail receives meticulous attention – from wheels to glass surfaces and all steel components. Hand steel polishing adds a gleaming touch to exhaust tips, showcasing a polished finish. Headlight restoration ensures optimal visibility, completing the regal transformation.

At our detailing sanctuary, each service goes beyond application; it is an art form crafted with precision and regality. Indulge your vehicle in the extraordinary – where excellence is not just a promise. Your vehicle deserves the epitome of automotive luxury, and we are here to deliver nothing short of ultimate brilliance.

What Does Our Process Entail?

Auto Detailing
36 Hours
  • Entire "Brilliant Shine" Package
  • Entire "Ultimate Auto Spa" Package
  • Two Layers of Ceramoc Coating on Paint Applied
  • Three Layers of Ceramic Coating on Roof Applied
  • Wheels Ceramic Coated
  • All Glass Ceramic Coated
  • All Steel Parts & Exhaust Tips Hand Steel Polished
  • Headlight Restoration


Prices may vary depending on the size and condition of the vehicle. These are approximate price ranges. Exclusive garage-only service—please consider drop-off for convenience.





(Toyota Camry/ Range Rover)



(Large SUV/ Truck)


Exclusive garage-only service—please consider drop-off for convenience.

Why Choose Us?

Choose our detailing service for an unrivaled automotive experience that transcends the ordinary. At the heart of our offerings is a commitment to excellence, where each service is not just a routine application but an artful craft. With the “Brilliant Shine” and “Ultimate Auto Spa” packages, we elevate your vehicle to a realm of regality, promising meticulous detailing that goes beyond expectations.

What sets us apart is our dedication to precision and perfection. From the double layer of Ceramic Coating on the paint to the three layers on the roof, every step is infused with expertise and care. Our detailing sanctuary becomes a haven where wheels, glass surfaces, and all steel components receive the brilliant touch, ensuring a polished and protected finish.

Beyond the surface, our commitment to excellence extends to the very essence of your vehicle. Hand steel polishing of exhaust tips and headlight restoration are testaments to our meticulous approach. The choice is clear – entrust your vehicle to a service that values regality, precision, and the pursuit of automotive perfection. Choose us, and let your vehicle bask in the extraordinary.

Choose our Brilliant Shine Package for automotive perfection that shines bright.

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Total Revival Package FAQs

Ceramic Coating provides an exceptional protective layer, shielding your vehicle’s surfaces from contaminants and enhancing its overall glossy finish. The application of multiple layers, such as the double layer on the paint and three layers on the roof, ensures a more robust and enduring shield against the elements, contributing to a longer-lasting regal appearance.

Hand steel polishing is a bespoke service that adds a gleaming touch to exhaust tips, showcasing a polished finish. This meticulous step not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also reflects our commitment to excellence and attention to even the smallest details.

Headlight restoration is an integral component of our detailing process, ensuring optimal visibility and a rejuvenated appearance. This service is a testament to our commitment to the overall well-being of your vehicle, enhancing safety and aesthetics simultaneously.

To maximize the longevity of our detailing service, we recommend regular washing and routine maintenance. Additionally, avoiding harsh environmental conditions and using a reputable automotive cleaner will contribute to sustaining the regal brilliance achieved through our exclusive detailing packages.


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