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Level 2 Paint Correction

Eliminate Swirls for Maximum Gloss & Paint Clarity

Our Level 2 paint correction stands as a meticulous process designed to eliminate approximately 80% of the swirls, scratches, and imperfections etched into your vehicle’s paint. Through an intensive 2-step correction involving cutting and polishing, we aim to achieve unparalleled gloss and clarity in your paintwork.

However, in some cases, particularly with older vehicles or instances where the clear coat has started thinning, certain deeper scratches may persist despite our efforts. To maintain the structural integrity of your paint, we prioritize careful judgment on what can be safely removed, taking measurements before proceeding.

Even relatively new vehicles, merely months after purchase, can accumulate imperfections due to handling during transport, washing, and storage. Despite their recent acquisition, cars often leave showrooms carrying noticeable swirls and blemishes.

Choosing our Level 2 paint correction signifies a commitment to your vehicle’s aesthetics. Post-service, proper maintenance is crucial to retaining the impeccable shine. Improper washing techniques can swiftly reintroduce swirls and scratches, undoing the meticulous correction work done.

What Does Our Process Entail?

Head-turning Paint Correction
  • Clean wheels, tires, and fenders thoroughly
  • Foam hand wash gently, addressing all areas
  • Remove iron particles chemically for a clean surface
  • Use a clay bar for an ultra-smooth paint finish
  • Tape off sensitive areas to prevent damage
  • Safely eliminate swirls and scratches with compounds
  • Polish to enhance remaining micro-scratches
  • Wipe down paint for a true inspection
  • Apply chosen paint protection
  • Ensure clear vision with thorough glass cleaning.
  • Dress exterior plastic and tires evenly
  • Ensure streak-free exterior glass
  • Perform final exterior touch-ups


Prices may vary depending on the size and condition of the vehicle. These are approximate price ranges.



$400 – $450


(Toyota Camry/ Range Rover)

$550 – $600


(Large SUV/ Truck)

$600 – $650

Why Choose Us?

Our meticulous detailing process begins by thoroughly cleaning wheels, tires, and fenders, ensuring a comprehensive start. A gentle foam hand wash follows, meticulously addressing every area, including door jambs and paint bugs. Through a chemical decontamination, iron particles are removed, guaranteeing a pristine surface. Utilizing a clay bar treatment, we achieve an exceptionally smooth paint finish, while sensitive areas are carefully taped off to prevent any potential damage. Swirls and scratches are safely eliminated using compounds, further enhancing the paint’s clarity. A meticulous polish is then applied to refine any remaining micro-scratches, followed by a thorough paint wipe down for a genuine inspection. The chosen paint protection is meticulously applied, while exterior plastic and tires are evenly dressed, leaving an immaculate and even finish. A streak-free glass cleaning ensures crystal-clear visibility, completing the exterior detailing process with final touch-ups for an impeccable result.

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Car Paint Correction FAQ

The foam hand wash is gentle yet meticulous, covering all areas of the vehicle while also addressing door jambs, the gas cap, and removing paint bugs for a comprehensive clean.

The clay bar treatment is utilized to achieve an exceptionally smooth finish on the paint surface by removing any remaining embedded dirt and debris.

We take precautions by carefully taping off and protecting trim, chrome, and other sensitive sections to prevent any potential damage or staining during the process.

While we aim to eliminate most swirls and scratches using compounds, some deeper imperfections may persist due to the age of the vehicle or thinning clear coat, prioritizing the integrity of the paint.

Based on your choice, we apply wax, sealant, or a durable ceramic coating to safeguard and enhance the paint’s preservation post-detailing.


We meticulously dress exterior plastic and tires for an even finish, perform streak-free glass cleaning, and conduct final touch-ups to achieve an impeccable exterior appearance.


We provide the best mobile detailing services thanks to our highly trained and equipped staff.


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