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Level 1 Paint Polishing

Eliminate Paint Imperfections to Reveal a Glossy Finish

Have you ever marveled at your car under the radiant sunlight, only to notice a disheartening network of micro-scratches casting a dull hue over your once-gleaming paint? These imperfections are the unwelcome aftermath of improper washing and drying methods—common culprits include the use of automatic car washes or low-quality towels. 

Our Level 2 paint polishing service functions as a meticulous remedy, effectively targeting and eradicating 60 to 80% of these flaws, reinstating a breathtaking shine to your vehicle’s exterior. 

What sets this service apart is its ability to deliver an exceptional restoration without necessitating the full commitment of our Level 2 paint correction option, making it a preferred choice for those seeking remarkable results with a less intensive process. 

Contrary to our Wash and Wax service, the Level 1 polishing technique demands heightened time and attention to ensure optimal outcomes, hence requiring a drop-off at our shop location to facilitate the thorough attention your vehicle deserves.”


What Does Our Process Entail?

Head-turning Paint Revival
  • Use varied brushes for comprehensive wheel, tire, and fender cleaning.
  • Hand wash, targeting door jambs, gas cap, and bug removal.
  • Chemically remove iron particles to prevent paint corrosion.
  • Clay bar for a smooth paint surface.
  • Tape off delicate areas to avoid polish buildup.
  • Polish to eliminate minor imperfections.
  • Assess paint condition using polish remover.
  • Apply protective coating for shine and safeguarding.
  • Dress tires for a glossy, dry finish.
  • Ensure clear vision with thorough glass cleaning.
  • Perform detailed touch-ups for a refined look.


Prices may vary depending on the size and condition of the vehicle. These are approximate price ranges.



$250 – $300


(Toyota Camry/ Range Rover)

$300 – $350


(Large SUV/ Truck)

$350 – $400

Why Choose Us?

Our meticulous process begins with a comprehensive cleaning using a range of brushes to ensure every inch of the wheels, tires, and fenders receives thorough attention. Handwashing takes center stage, meticulously addressing door jambs, the gas cap, and diligently removing any pesky bugs from the vehicle’s front end. Employing a chemical treatment, we eradicate iron particles from the paint, thwarting corrosive compounds that threaten its integrity. A clay bar treatment follows, expertly eliminating embedded dirt to deliver an impeccably smooth paint surface. Delicate areas, like plastic trim, are carefully taped off to prevent any potential buildup or staining during the subsequent polishing phase, where we elevate shine and clarity by erasing minor imperfections. A meticulous inspection, aided by polish remover, helps reveal the true condition of the paint. To fortify and enhance, a protective coating is applied, ensuring a dazzling finish and safeguarding the paint. Tires receive a glossy dressing that leaves them dry to the touch, while exterior glass and windows are meticulously cleaned to guarantee crystal-clear visibility. For that finishing touch, detailed touch-ups are performed on specific areas, ensuring an overall refined and polished appearance.

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Car Paint Polishing FAQ

The micro-scratches you notice in sunlight are typically a result of improper washing and drying techniques. Methods like automatic car washes or using low-quality towels contribute to these imperfections.

Our Level 2 paint polishing service can eliminate between 60 to 80% of these flaws, restoring a remarkable shine to your vehicle. It’s a comprehensive solution that doesn’t require the commitment of our Level 2 paint correction option.

Unlike our faster Wash and Wax service, Level 1 polishing demands more time and attention for optimal results. It involves a meticulous process, including drop-off at our shop for thorough attention to detail.

Yes, as part of our service, we apply protective coatings to fortify and enhance the finish of your vehicle. This coating ensures not only a dazzling appearance but also safeguards the paint against future damage.

In our final touches, we dress tires for a glossy appearance and ensure they remain dry to the touch. We meticulously clean exterior glass and windows to guarantee clear visibility. Additionally, detailed touch-ups are performed on specific areas to ensure an overall refined and polished appearance.



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