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Our detail shop comes to you! Whether you rent an apartment, own a business, or live in a home, our mobile detailing team will come to you on-site and provide quality detailing within within Brampton, Bolton, Milton, Mississauga, Georgetown, Caledon, Halton Hills, Vaughn, Toronto and surrounding neighborhoods.

Certainly! Dealing with situations like your child or pet getting sick in the car can be stressful, but we’ve got you covered. Our detailing services include specialized treatments to thoroughly clean and sanitize your car, ensuring it’s fresh and hygienic again. Whether it’s stains, odors, or messes of any kind, we’re equipped to handle it with care and precision. Just let us know your specific needs, and we’ll make sure your car looks and feels brand new again!

You will need to allow enough space for our detailers to move around the vehicle. If you will be having your vehicle detailed at a business or apartment complex, please ensure we will be permitted to do so.

Depending on the size and condition of the vehicle, as well as the services requested, the time will differ.

Yes, we bring all the necessary tools with us. We only need power and water outlets.

For the convenience of our client we don not bound our clients to be with the vehicle being detailed. However, a designated person should know what the expected service is and what the terms and conditions are.

No, we do not have a cancellation fee. We value our clients’ convenience, so we allow cancellations and rescheduling within 24 hours to accommodate other clients.

If we are able to accommodate a same-day appointment, we will. Most clients book a day or two ahead, but we stay staffed up so we can make it happen. Your appointment will be scheduled as soon as possible!

Yes! We sell personalized gift cards for any of our detail packages. Click Here

Yes, our service will be performed at your home, so you can watch it all. Then it will cure overnight in your care. During the first 12 hours, you should not touch or move the vehicle. The vehicle will likely not be damaged if something very minimal, like a leaf from a tree, falls on it within a couple of hours after the coating has been applied. As ceramic cures like super glue, the vehicle is only vulnerable for 15-20 minutes after it has been applied.

You will be required to reschedule a Ceramic Coating if there is no garage/indoor space where it can be done out of the rain. For most other detail packages, we’ll show up and wait until the rain passes before detailing. We can detail in the garage, or under a covered area, but if it rains all day, we will reschedule the appointment to the earliest time available that still suits your schedule if it rains the entire day.

Please note that we accept all major credit cards and cash, and payment is due upon completion of services. Checks are not accepted.

Getting an interior detail for your car brings a bunch of good stuff! First off, it helps make your car’s inside look awesome again. Say bye-bye to dirt and stains, and hello to a fresh and clean interior! But that’s not all! Getting your interior detailed also helps keep dust and dirt from piling up in your car’s fabrics. That means you can breathe easier and enjoy a cleaner ride. And here’s a cool bonus: Regular interior detailing can actually boost the value of your car when you’re ready to sell or trade it in. So, not only does it make your car look better now, but it can also pay off in the long run!

At Brampton Auto Detailing, we’re all about giving you top-notch interior services. So, if you want your car to look and feel its best, we’ve got you covered!

We want to make your car look great by giving it a thorough cleaning. We use steamers, interior cleaners, vacuums, and special tools to get into all the nooks and crannies. We also have shampooers and protectants for the inside. If you need a really thorough clean, give us a call today!

Keeping the inside of your car clean is important. We suggest getting an interior detail every six months. This helps keep everything tidy and stops dirt from piling up. Our special package can be adjusted to fit exactly what you need. You can also choose extra services like protective coatings for your seats.

While we put extra effort into deep cleaning, there are limitations. Some stains may not fully revert to their original condition, depending on factors such as stain type, surface material, and stain duration. We strive for the best results possible.

For the most effective cleaning, we recommend removing any personal items or valuables from the car. This allows us to access all areas and ensures a thorough and efficient cleaning process.

Our Level 1 paint polishing service can make your car look amazing by fixing many flaws and giving it a shiny finish. It’s a great option that doesn’t need as much commitment as our Level 2 paint correction service.

Compared to our quick Wash and Wax service, Level 1 polishing takes more time and care to get it just right. It’s a detailed process that needs extra attention. You’ll need to drop off your car at our shop so we can give it the thorough attention it deserves.

While we try our best to remove most swirls and scratches with compounds, sometimes deeper imperfections might remain. This can happen because the vehicle is older or the clear coat is thinning. Our main focus is to keep the paint’s integrity intact.

Using wax on your car helps hide tiny scratches and swirls in the paint. The wax acts like a filler, making the surface smoother and shinier. So, while it doesn’t completely get rid of the scratches, it does make them less noticeable. Overall, your car will look much glossier thanks to the wax.

It depends on how you take care of your car. If you keep it inside a garage most of the time, like at work and home, the wax could last around four to six months. But if your car is always outside, facing sun, cold, and rain all the time, the wax might only last about three months.

Paint overspray is when tiny bits of paint land on your car’s surface, making little colored spots. It can also make the surface feel rough when you run your hand over it.

To get a perfect finish when putting on paint protection film or changing the color of your car with a wrap, it’s really important to clean away any extra spray that might mess up the process.

Ceramic coatings usually last between 3 to 9 years. But how long yours lasts can depend on things like how good the coating is and how well you take care of it.

While you can find DIY kits, choosing professional application ensures your vehicle gets the best care. Our skilled technicians have the know-how to prepare your vehicle properly and deliver the best results.

How often you should wash your car depends on where you live and how much you drive. A good rule is to wash it once a week, or every other week at least, to keep it in good shape and protect the paint. If you drive on dirty or salty roads, you might need to wash it more often to keep it clean and protect the paint.

Your car’s engine bay often gets overlooked until there’s a problem. But imagine popping the hood and seeing a dirty, cluttered mess of leaves, bugs, and grime. Not great, right? Now, picture a clean, tidy engine bay instead. Much better, isn’t it? Not only does it look nicer, but it’s also way easier to spot any leaks or issues when everything’s clean and organized. So, next time you pop the hood, wouldn’t you rather see a clean engine bay? It not only looks better but also makes maintenance a whole lot easier.

Absolutely! Headlight restoration not only makes your vehicle look amazing but also significantly enhances the performance of your headlights. With restored headlights, you’ll see much better at night, and your car will be more visible to other drivers on the road. Plus, passing safety or sales inspections becomes a breeze without foggy lenses thanks to headlight restoration.

Yes, we offer comprehensive detailing packages designed to cater to your specific needs and preferences. Our packages include:

1. Brilliant Shine: Elevate your vehicle’s appearance with our Brilliant Shine package, designed to leave your car looking glossy and immaculate.

2. Ultimate Auto Spa: Treat your vehicle to the ultimate spa experience with our Ultimate Auto Spa package, which includes premium detailing services to rejuvenate both the interior and exterior of your car.

3. All In One Detailing: Experience convenience and excellence with our All In One Detailing package, covering all aspects of your vehicle’s cleaning and maintenance needs in one comprehensive service.

4. Total Revival: Restore your vehicle to its former glory with our Total Revival package, offering a complete overhaul to bring back the shine and freshness of your car inside and out.

No matter which package you choose, you can trust our skilled team to deliver exceptional results and ensure your satisfaction with every detail.