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We provide a thorough deep cleaning of your vehicle’s interior and make sure your car is looking at it’s best.

Deep Interior Cleaning Service
  • Sedan
    Sedan $160
  • SUV
    SUV $160
  • Truck
    Truck $180
  • Van
    Van $180

Paint Correction & Ceramic Coating

Remove all scratches & Swirls and bring back the original gloss in your Paint.

Paint Correction Stage 2

Super Clean Wash

Exterior foam-washed and hand dried, Interior vacuumed from inside, underneath The seats & hard to reach areas.

  • Sedan
    Sedan $70
  • SUV
    SUV $70
  • Truck
    Truck $80
  • Van
    Van $80

All in one Detailing with Paint Correction

A detailed process of removing defects such as swirls, scratches, etching, oxidation. Complete Interior Detailing & Engine Bay included.

Seats & Carpet Shampoo

Get all your fabric seats & carpets shampooed & stains removed using Dirt Extractor.

  • Sedan
    Sedan $80
  • SUV
    SUV $80
  • Truck
    Truck $100
  • Van
    Van $100

Engine Cleaning

Complete Engine Bay detailing with degreaser & Dressing

Engine Cleaning Service

Headlights Restoration

No need to replace clouded or yellowed plastic headlight covers. Save time and money.

headlight restoration pkg

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December 2021