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Level 2 Paint Correction​

What Does Our Process Entail?

Head-turning Paint Correction
  • Clean wheels, tires, and fenders thoroughly
  • Foam hand wash gently, addressing all areas
  • Remove iron particles chemically for a clean surface
  • Use a clay bar for an ultra-smooth paint finish
  • Tape off sensitive areas to prevent damage
  • Safely eliminate swirls and scratches with compounds
  • Polish to enhance remaining micro-scratches
  • Wipe down paint for a true inspection
  • Apply chosen paint protection
  • Ensure clear vision with thorough glass cleaning.
  • Dress exterior plastic and tires evenly
  • Ensure streak-free exterior glass
  • Perform final exterior touch-ups

Eliminate Swirls for Maximum Gloss & Paint Clarity

Our Level 2 paint correction service is like giving your car’s paint a spa treatment. We carefully work to erase those annoying swirls, scratches, and imperfections that have found their way onto your vehicle’s surface. Using a meticulous two-step process involving cutting and polishing, we not only restore your paint’s shine but also enhance its clarity and gloss to levels that will make heads turn. Say hello to a car that looks like it just rolled off the showroom floor, ready to impress wherever you go!

Sometimes, especially with older cars or when the top coat is wearing thin, deep scratches might not completely vanish even after our work. We’re careful to protect your paint, only removing what’s safe, and we measure before we start.

Even if you’ve just driven your brand-new car off the lot, it’s common for it to develop imperfections surprisingly quickly. These flaws can arise from the handling during transport, minor mishaps in washing, or even just being stored. Despite being fresh from the showroom, you might notice swirls or blemishes marring the surface of your vehicle.

Choosing our Level 2 paint correction service shows your dedication to your car’s appearance. However, maintaining that stunning shine requires proper care. Incorrect washing techniques can reintroduce swirls and scratches, undoing the meticulous work we’ve put in. 

To preserve your car’s flawless finish, opt for gentle hand washing with quality products, avoid abrasive materials, and dry with soft, clean towels. Regular maintenance and professional detailing will ensure your car continues to turn heads for years to come. Trust us to protect your investment and keep it looking its best.


Prices may vary depending on the size and condition of the vehicle. These are approximate price ranges.



$400 – $450


(Toyota Camry/ Range Rover)

$550 – $600


(Large SUV/ Truck)

$600 – $650

Why Choose Us?

Our detailed cleaning process starts by cleaning wheels, tires, and fenders thoroughly. We wash your car by hand with gentle foam, making sure to clean every spot, even the door edges and bugs on the paint. We remove iron particles using a special chemical, leaving your car’s surface spotless. Then, we use a clay bar to make the paint super smooth, being careful to protect delicate areas. Any swirls or scratches are safely removed with special compounds, making the paint look even better. After that, we apply a careful polish to get rid of any tiny scratches left and wipe down the paint for inspection. We then apply your chosen paint protection, dress the exterior plastic and tires evenly, giving your car a perfect finish. Finally, we clean the glass streak-free, touch up any last details, and you’re left with a flawless result!

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Level 2 Paint Correction car detailing services

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Car Paint Correction FAQ

The foam hand wash is gentle yet meticulous, covering all areas of the vehicle while also addressing door jambs, the gas cap, and removing paint bugs for a comprehensive clean.

The clay bar treatment is utilized to achieve an exceptionally smooth finish on the paint surface by removing any remaining embedded dirt and debris.

We take precautions by carefully taping off and protecting trim, chrome, and other sensitive sections to prevent any potential damage or staining during the process.

While we aim to eliminate most swirls and scratches using compounds, some deeper imperfections may persist due to the age of the vehicle or thinning clear coat, prioritizing the integrity of the paint.

Based on your choice, we apply wax, sealant, or a durable ceramic coating to safeguard and enhance the paint’s preservation post-detailing.


We meticulously dress exterior plastic and tires for an even finish, perform streak-free glass cleaning, and conduct final touch-ups to achieve an impeccable exterior appearance.


We provide the best mobile detailing services thanks to our highly trained and equipped staff.


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