After googling numerous car detailing companies I deceived to go with Brampton Auto Detailing.I contacted them and spoke with Mr.Ali who was very polite and accompanying. I explained in detailed what I needed and the issues I was having. Mr. Ali gave me a quote and we confirmed a date and time for him to come to my home On the day of the appointment Mr.Ali sent me a text confirming his arrival time – Not only was he on time but he showed up ready to work. The morning of the cleaning I cleared out my car (note I have a child that plays basketball/football, grand-babies, a dog and cat that hates going to the vet and sheds like crazy)..I didn’t realize how much fur and snacks can hide in places unknown in a car Mr. Ali worked non stop. He was thorough, detailed , efficient and honestly when he was finish the car looked like when I first got it (even my son couldn’t believe how clean it was)- This is truly an honest review- First time ever meeting Mr. Ali or using his service -I DEFINITELY will be using his service again